The 4 Best Uses for High-End Computer Speakers

We talk a lot about some of the incredible audio systems consumers can enjoy today. In some cases, this means expensive speaker sets with powerful capabilities and advanced features. But in others, even affordable options can result in significantly improved audio experiences. Case in point, our “Best Computer Speakers Under 50” piece identified a handful of options from brands like Logitech, TaoTronics, and others that can vastly improve sound quality.

At $50 or less, speakers like these make a lot of sense for just about anyone who spends regular time at a computer. Day-to-day audio will be better and will contribute to a more satisfying overall experience. But there are also specific activities that make good computer speakers worth your while — whether they’re in that $50 range or they’re even a little more high-end. We’re going to touch on some of those activities, to provide a bit more perspective for those who may be considering computer speakers.


The most obvious use for good computer speakers is to use them to listen to music. As obvious as this may be though, there’s a specific argument to be made for simplicity. These days a lot of people who enjoy listening to music are caught up in either retro or cutting-edge options for home audio. On the retro front, vinyl has made a comeback; as for cutting-edge options, connected networks of Bluetooth speakers are fast becoming the new normal. But with a great set of computer speakers, you can avoid the mild hassle that can come with these other systems and simply play music straight out of your computer with rich, immersive quality. It’s a good option for those who just want to enjoy good music without thinking about setting it up too much.


It’s a given that big, mainstream PC games will be all the more compelling with better speakers. But when you consider computer gaming more broadly, there are also entire gen-res and categories that are easily enhanced specifically via audio quality. The casino genre is the first that comes to mind in this respect. These games tend to be somewhat limited in terms of scope and action, but when you look at the most popular options it’s clear that their sensory themes — their visuals, sound effects, and soundtracks — are what differentiate them from each other and make them interesting. Foxy Bingo hosts some of the top games and gives a clear sense of thematic variety, from classic casino-style slots to TV-themed jackpots for Deal or No Deal and Friends, to original fantasies, and more. And much of what helps bring these themes to life is in the games’ compelling audio quality. Because of this, good computer speakers can essentially transform this category and make it significantly more interesting to you than it otherwise would be. The same is somewhat true of online arcades in general, though it’s really the casino games for which audio matters most.

Media Viewing

With great speakers, you also have the option of turning your computer into a primary platform for media viewing. This may not be necessary if you already have home media set up elsewhere. But particularly for those just setting up their home entertainment systems and looking to cut costs, it can be an intriguing option. A respectable computer monitor, reliable internet connection, and great speakers can be a perfectly adequate substitute these days to a flat-screen television with an accompanying streaming apparatus or entertainment system. Even if you primarily use your computer for work or day-to-day communications, great speakers make it easier to essentially convert the same computer into a television and streaming mechanism when you’re through working. It’s something you can do without external speakers also, of course, but the audio quality tends to be the main thing a computer on its own can’t quite match up to when compared with a TV.

Sound Mixing & Composition

This is a little bit more of a specific activity, but external computer speakers are also essential for those who might like to try their hand at sound mixing or composition. Once upon a time, activities like these were fairly exclusive to professionals. Now, however, learning to use GarageBand or any number of similar programs is a relatively straightforward process. While it will of course take a lot of practice to make particularly good mixes or original music, virtually anyone can dabble in audio creation now. And it’s simply a lot more satisfying to do so if you have speakers that will allow you to hear each little sound crisp and loud. Indeed, if you have any interest whatsoever in this kind of activity, we’d suggest computer speak-ers are just about mandatory.

Hopefully, these examples and ideas have helped to convey the true value of today’s computer speaker sets. High-quality audio has become quite affordable and given everything you can enjoy with it, it’s typically well worth its cost.

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