How to fix a blown subwoofer? Everything You need to Know

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker which is designed to produce low pitched audio frequencies. This subwoofer will be perfect for those who wish to hear music from a speaker that does not produce music of high frequency. It will not affect your eardrums at all.

Usually, there are two types of the subwoofer. They are the powered and passive subwoofer. You can choose either one.

Now, your subwoofers can get blown away. That means it will not function properly anymore. This can happen because of excessive sounds coming out from the subwoofer.

A subwoofer is designed to produce and tolerate a low audio frequency. If the music playing through the subwoofer is too loud then the voice coil in the subwoofer may get separated from its voice cone. This will result in an irritating and buzzing sound coming from the subwoofer.

But instead of buying a new subwoofer, why not fix the existing one? Not only will fixing the subwoofer be as good as new, but it will also save you some money.

Let’s get started.

Steps to fix a blown subwoofer: A complete guide

Now that we are here, follow each and every step carefully to fix your blown subwoofer into a new one.

Step-1: Check the voice coil

Before you get started, check each and every part of the subwoofer really carefully. You can start with its blown coil. The voice coil in the subwoofer is the component that amplifies the current running through the speakers. If you think that the voice coil is damaged, then you can do a simple task. Connect the terminals with a multi-meter. If the meter signals any resistance then it means that the coil is still functioning. Otherwise, it will mean that the coil is damaged.

Step-2: Check the speaker cone

If the speaker coil functions properly then it is possible that something is wrong with the speaker cone. The cone is built on a suspension system. Thus it’s easier for you to check. Try to move the cone by pushing along the sides gently. If the cone does not move, then it is damaged for sure.

Step-3: Detach the speakers

Now that you have found where the problem is, it’s fixing time. The first thing you will have to do is detach the speakers from the subwoofer. Take a screwdriver to separate the speakers from its usual position. After that, take off the attached wires as well. But make sure, that you remember which wires go where. It will result in the subwoofer producing scratchy sounds.

Once you have separated the wires, and then separate the frame surrounding the speaker as well. For that, you have to remove its glue. To take off its glue you use either a small knife or a tester edge. The object will have to be sharp.

Remember one thing. The frame edges can get damaged easily. So be careful with the frame edge.

Step-4: Separate the voice coil and speaker cone

Next, it's time to separate both the voice and speaker cone. For that, you can use a tester edge or any sharp objects. Using the object slowly take out the voice coil from the cone. Cut all the terminal wires carefully. Don't rush it. Keep all the other parts separately in a place.

Step-5: Fix the voice coil:

It’s fixing time! Use an air compressor to clean any dust or debris trapped in between the voice coil gap. The voice coil is one of the main components present in the subwoofer. That is why it should be taken care of immediately. Take a new voice coil and replace it with the old voice coil if you think that the coil is damaged. There is another component in the subwoofer known as a spider. You will have to place the component around the new coil. After that, place the speaker cone and spider in its respective positions. Make sure to glue the cone properly and let it dry for 24 hours.

Step-6: Fix the speaker frame

Apply glue on the surrounding parts of the speaker frame and repeat the process. Fix the frame and the speaker cone in its rightful position.

Step-7: Reassemble and fix other components

Everything is fixed and done. It’s time to reassemble everything. You will have to connect the old terminal wires with the new coils wires with a soldering iron. Reattach every other component back to its position. And we are done!


I hope the above information will help you fix your blown subwoofer and turn it into a new one. Just follow the above steps and have a perfect fixing of a blown subwoofer. Have a nice day!


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