How to Connect Successfully Car Stereo Wires Together?

Are you one of those people who are not satisfied with the built-in stereo system of your car and looking for something more?

In that case, purchasing a new stereo is a very good option to get the best experience while driving. All you require is a new stereo, and a little knowledge to set it up.

Installing a new system might seem quite complicated, mostly due to confusion about which wire goes where. One wrong move, and you might even damage the whole system.

Therefore, to ensure that doesn’t happen, this article will give you all the necessary guidelines about how to connect the wires properly. Read on to know more!

How to Connect Car Stereo Wires Together

To properly set up the stereo, first of all, you need to dismount the old one set in your car. Once it has been done, you can proceed to connect the wires of the new stereo to your car’s harness. The steps written below will give you a detailed guideline on how to do it.

Step 1: Get A Wire Adapter

The new stereo will have an instruction manual pointing out which wire is what and where to connect those, but it is recommended to buy a wiring adaptor. What the adaptor does is – it makes the whole process a lot smoother by matching the new wires to the car’s already existing clip.

Use the manual to make sure you are not making any mistakes while connecting those.

Step 2: Identify the Wires

Even though the new stereo will come with a diagram about which wire goes where, it is important that you understand which wire is used for what purpose. Doing this will help you to not make any mistakes and will also minimize risks and ensure safety.

The red wire is normally the power wire

The ground wire is black and can be secured to either a corresponding wire from the car or to the metal in the car body

A yellow or blue wire is usually the 12V power wire

The remaining wires are used for speakers

The antenna is a thick wire with a metal head

Step 3: Connect the Wires

Now that you have identified the wires, it is time to match them with their proper places. In case you do not want to purchase a wiring adapter, you can connect the wires in the following two ways –

With Wire Harnesses:

If the new stereo system has wire harnesses, match them with the car’s wire harness. Check both the car and the new stereo’s manual to ensure that you are doing it the correct way. This is a very easy option and requires minimum effort.

Without Wire Harnesses

In case your new stereo system does not have a wire harness, do not get disheartened. It is still very much possible to match the wires manually.

Identify the corresponding wires on the car and the stereo system and join them together. Most of the time, the corresponding ones will be of similar color. But for a case where that does not happen, read the manual properly to ensure you are joining the right wire.

Step 4: Secure the Wires Together

After all the wires have been connected together, it’s time for the most important step– that is, to secure them. If the wires are not secured properly, the stereo will be of almost no use at all. You do not want to get poor quality sound and almost no music from a stereo you just installed, do you?

So, go through the following steps and pick out a securing system that works for you.

Method 1: Soldering

To solder two wires together, first of all, you need to use a wire stripper to remove all insulation from the end of the wires. Then use a soldering iron to melt some solder on top of the two wires. When it cools off, the wires will have been joined together.

Soldering offers the most stable and long-lasting connection. But it is strongly advised to use some hit shrink tubing to make sure that the connection is insulated and will not cause any safety issues.

Method 2: Crimping

Crimping is the simplest method of these three. You just have to make sure that you are using a crimp connector of the appropriate size. The various types of crimp connectors include butt connectors, bullet connector, etc.

One of the drawbacks of crimping is that it does not offer as solid a connection as soldering does. So, make sure the wires are connected tightly enough before moving onto the next step.

Method 3: Posi-Product Connectors

In case you want to get the job done really fast, these connectors will be of great help. These tools can quickly secure the wires in place and are a favorite as they are not much complex.

Step 5: Assembling the Mounting Kit

Once the wires have been connected properly, it is time to assemble the mounting kit. Do it by following the instruction manual.

Step 6: Connect the Power Source

If you are not using harnesses, connect the power wire (usually red or yellow to the power outlet of the stereo). If you are using a harness, the connection will have already been made.

Step 7: Establish A Ground Connection

Connect the ground wire to the car’s bare metal, if you haven’t used a harness. This step is important as without a solid ground connection; the sound quality will be compromised.

Step 8: Final step

After connecting all the important wires, be sure to check whether any wire is left. Connect those according to the manual, and you will be done. Next, put the stereo in place, test it to see if all the components are working, and you are good to go!


By following these instructions, you can install a new stereo in your car without being confused by all the wires.

Now, road trips don’t have to be boring with low-quality sound system and a poor range of music. So, what are you waiting for? Assemble your tools and get going!

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