How to Charge Bluetooth Speaker Without a Charger?

How to Charge Bluetooth Speaker Without a Charger

In today’s world of wireless technology, almost everybody carries a smartphone. This means almost everybody can have access to their favorite music on the go. If you are already carrying music with you, you might want to listen to it anytime or anywhere, whenever your mood calls for it. Maybe you already carry a set … Read more

What is Audio Interface?

What is Audio Interface

Audio interface is a connector device that works great in providing the professional level sound quality while recording your own tune. Moreover, this is the most important gadget in your recording studio. Though you can carry on the recording process without using an audio interface but the sound quality will always remain poor. Besides improving the … Read more

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Android Phone?

How to connect wireless headphones to android phone

People who do not like cable headphones prefer the wireless headphones as a trouble less option. Besides, it’s very handy to move around easily without carrying the phone while listening to music. But there are people who feel it’s troublesome to connect a Bluetooth headphone to android phone. Do you think the same?  Let’s make … Read more

Where to Place Bookshelf Speakers? Steep By Step Guide

Where to Place Bookshelf Speakers

By the name bookshelf speakers, many of us think it needs to be placed in a bookshelf only. But that’s not true. You can place it on any kind of furniture you like but there are some facts that need to be focused while fixing a place to keep your bookshelf speakers. Because placement plays … Read more

How to Bridge a 4 Channel AMP?

How to Bridge a 4 Channel AMP

Bridging any kind of amplifier may seem critical moreover tough but once you know the accurate process it won’t be tough any longer no matter how many channels it has. Basically, the main process is the same for every single channel. If you learn to bridge a two-channel amplifier you can bridge a four channel … Read more

How to Connect Turntable to Receiver?

How to Connect Turntable to Receiver

Connecting turntable to the receiver may seem tough but once you get the proper method the procedure will be an easy task to complete. Confused about the different colored cables and so many ports? Don’t worry you don’t need all of them. Just a couple of cables and some indicated ports are going to come … Read more

How to Build a Speaker Box?

How to Build a Speaker Box

When purchasing a speaker box is so costly, making it your own is a good idea. Besides, building a speaker box for the very first time is interestingly fun. And if your plan works what else can be so impressive! Many people consider it a troublesome task. Do you feel the same? Actually, that’s not true. … Read more