How to Wire Car Speakers to AMP Diagrams?

How to Wire Car Speakers to AMP Diagrams

Though almost everybody likes listening to the music while driving the car, they think the installation is complicated. So, they leave it to the professionals. If you are a novice and want to install as well as connect the speakers to the amplifiers by yourself, you are in the right place.  You’ll learn the ins and … Read more

How to Make Subwoofers Louder? Play Unlimited Music

How to make subwoofers louder

Are you tired of listening less sound from the subwoofer? Or isn’t your amplifier powerful enough to produce enough sound for entertainment? Loud sound doesn’t always require expensive materials. As watts, as well as ohms, measures power and resistance respectively, the proper use of these duos can enhance the loudness. Also, amplifiers are expensive, and it … Read more

How to Stop Speakers From Buzzing?

How to stop speakers from buzzing

Though speaker can make your ears delight, it can also irritate you by providing distortion. In fact, it is the best way to entertain your ears. So, advanced technology comes with affordable home speakers. The latest televisions have to surround sound system to provide an immense experience of your viewing experience. But, the speakers hum … Read more

How to Install a Subwoofer to a Factory Stereo?

How to Install a Subwoofer to a Factory Stereo

The subwoofer has brought revolutionary change in sound. Though it is mostly used in home theatre, it can also radically improve the performance of the factory stereo. It can develop a foundation which helps several speakers to muster. However, adding a subwoofer means not only a deep bass but also overall improvement of the sound … Read more

How to Make a Subwoofer Box for Home?

How to Make a Subwoofer Box for Home

Building own subwoofer is a funny and crazy job for DIY enthusiasts. It is a great way to get the subwoofer precisely what you want by spending a little amount of money. So, all you need for building home subwoofer are some necessary tools, materials, and hardware. We have explained the steps in an easy way. … Read more

How to Fix Ground Loop Hum? Details With Video

How to Fix Ground Loop Hum

Buzz is an audio system that annoys the listeners through music. It destroys the quality of music by creating unexplainable rattle into the ear. It not only destroys the quality of the sound but also reduces your listening ability. Though you, as an expert, may find several sources buzz, most of the users may not know … Read more

How to Increase Speaker Bass? Improve Speaker Sound Quality

How to Increase Speaker Bass

Bass is the gem for an audiophile, but unfortunately, it is absent in most of the speaker. Bass can play the pivotal role of your listening experience. It is also said that bass speaker cuts a hand and a leg to enjoy an excellent sound quality. However, you can enjoy the experience without spending such … Read more