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How to Fix Ground Loop Hum? Details With Video

Buzz is an audio system that annoys the listeners through music. It destroys the quality of music by creating unexplainable rattle into the ear. It not only destroys the quality of the sound but also reduces your listening ability. Though you, as an expert, may find several sources buzz, most of the users may not know […]

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How to Strip Speaker Wire?- Helpful Information with Video

Wires are part of our everyday life. Yes, honestly. Whether we want to connect or fix any kinds of electronics like a stereo speaker, a wire is a basic requirement. And most of the time you need a stripped wire. Basically, wires are available in gauge and always have a rubber or a plastic casing surrounding […]

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How to fix a blown subwoofer? Everything You need to Know

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker which is designed to produce low pitched audio frequencies. This subwoofer will be perfect for those who wish to hear music from a speaker that does not produce music of high frequency. It will not affect your eardrums at all. Usually, there are two types of the subwoofer. They are the […]

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