Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers Top Models & How to Choose [2023 Updated]

Music enhances the pleasure of driving, no matter which car you drive. Listening to the favorite soundtracks on the car sound while driving gives an immense experience to the audiophiles. Even the people who aren’t audiophile like to listen to music. It feels that you are at a concert.

So, all cars come with an audio setup that focuses on mids and highs rather than providing accurate bass and sound quality. So, many people seek out to upgrade the system to content their mind. Here is the problem. You can’t use a lot of space inside the car to decorate the car audio system. Within limited and compact space, you have to arrange all the setup without compromising sound quality.

So, here is the gem for the audiophiles. The best shallow mount subwoofer is here to solve the space problem. It matches with any car interior and produces an almost similar amount of bass and sound quality.

What is a Shallow Mount Subwoofer?

Functionally a shallow mount subwoofer differs nothing from a traditional subwoofer except in a small package. Whereas the regular and traditional subwoofers are large and heavy, the shallow mount subwoofers are incredibly lightweight and compact to occupy the least space. 

Subwoofers are additional requirements to use with the speakers. However, traditional subwoofers work well but require a huge space. However, managing such a massive space in the car is troublesome. So, the engineers have developed subwoofers which need 4-inch or less space to be mounted. Thus, the shallow mount subwoofer has been brought to the market to solve the space problem. Also, it can be easily installed on the rear decks, in the slim boxes or along the sides of the trunks. No matter where it is mounted, it delivers excellent sound without compromising with the quality.

Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers Reviews in March 2023

With thousands of brands and models available in the market, you may stumble upon to get the best one for the car audio system. We feel that your money should be invested in top-notch products. Hence, our expert team has experienced several brands and models to give you real review. So, you’ll get the best one from the below models and get ensured that the bucks are on the right place.

1. Skar Audio VD-10 D4 10-inch Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer Review

skar audio vd-10 review

Skar Audio leads the car audio industry by many pioneering contributions. VD-10 is one of the many great products of Skar Audio to enrich the industry. It is a versatile subwoofer that is designed to handle ample power. The driver inside the subwoofer can utilize high temperature through a 2-inch voice coil. Also, the advanced cooling system generates extreme bass with the shallow mounting depth.

Using robust materials to construct the mount subwoofers, Skar Audio ensures durability and reliance. The 10-inch subwoofer comes with a 2-layer Conex spider along with a competition grade paper pressed cone. So, fitting is provided even in a compact space. Also, the black color makes it a great match with the car interior decors. The 3 1/4 -inch depth of the subwoofer offers an extreme level of strength and flexibility. Even, excellent finishing with the round sided edges provides top-notch quality and values the money.

Now it’s time for the essential feature of the subwoofer. It works well with up to 800 watts of peak power and 400 RMS power. This is too much to handle for any sound system. So, the maximum volume for the party is rocking on in the car. This enormous amount of power delivers a better speed, extension with precise control over the sound. However, you can use the suspension and the voice alignment to control the listening levels. Hence, the dynamic balance of engineering provides a pure, resonance-free natural sound without any distortion.

Once again, it’s the pressed paper cone that is used for the subwoofer. The paper cone delivers a rigid and light option of attaining the desired level of sensitivity and deep bass. So, sufficient power is achieved to get low notes without experiencing any distortion. Even the robust materials give you more durability when other brands face it as a problem.

So, if you like to listen to extreme sound quality, the Skar Audio D4 is undoubtedly a great addition to your sound system. The Bose UFS-20 used in the voice coil can control the high temperature. Also, it is a powerful magnet that requires the least space. It can elegantly hide all unnecessary wires to eliminate slip hazards. Also, it is designed in such a way that allows cooling fast to help the sound system run for hours without overheating. So, you can now go a long drive with the car by listening to your favorite title tracks.

Key Features

  • RMS power 500 watts that can extend up to 800 watts.
  • Two 2-ohm voice coils to ensure crystal clear sound and deep bass.
  • Robust paper pressed Polypropylene cone used in manufacturing for reliance and durability.
  • 10-inch dual 4 shallow mount subwoofer with a 4.5-inch mounting depth
  • Super-fast cooling system to allow the sound system to run for hours without overheating.

2. Infinity Reference REF1200S 12-inch Shallow Mount Subwoofer

 Infinity Reference REF1200S 12-inch Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Infinity has brought infinity technology in the car audio components. The Infinity Reference RE1200S is such a compact shallow mount subwoofer that fits in the car space. It is a 12-inch subwoofer that delivers excellent sound quality with natural bass and high notes. Though it is 12-inc size, it consumes less power than the similar models but provides quality low end. Moreover, it is lightweight enough to move to different places. The car subwoofer fills the car inside with robust sound quality with accurate bass.

The REF1200S comes with a high sensitivity rating of 98 dB. So, it can continuously deliver sound with low power rating such as 300 watts. Even, with this low power rating, the subwoofer needs to be extremely high sensitivity to produce high-end bass without creating any distortion. Otherwise, the low sensitivity results in not only distorted sound but also subwoofer damaging. On the contrary, the high sensitivity allows the subwoofer to handle the low power rating so that it can deliver deep thumping bass.

Unlike many other models, the REF1200S comes with a switch that allows you to select between 2-ohm and 4-ohm impedance ratings. Due to the presence of both impedances, the sub can use each watt of the power to provide natural quality sound. It also protects the components from being damaged or without sacrificing the safety margins. Whereas most of the voice coil subs may need to wire coils for different impedance, this one allows you to use the duos by selecting the switch.

The frequency range plays a pivotal role in covering the sound from high to low ends. The unit has an impressive 23Hz to a 400Hz frequency range that is enough to produce all kinds of music noted by the car speakers. So, if you expect deep bass or low notes, everything will come from the subwoofer. However, you have to pair the subs with the right equipment first to blow the sound as your desire.

Key Features

  • Robust materials to protect ultraviolet rays and resist to prone to be broken.
  • Resistant to the weather to ensure reliance and durability.
  • Subject to be tested for years of using.
  • 23Hz-400Hz frequency range to cover all high and low notes
  • Register switch to select from both 4-ohm or 2-ohm without wiring coils.

3. Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10-inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10-inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

With 70 years of experience in the electronics industry, the Pioneer is a leader that has invented many recognizable products. The Pioneer TS-SWX2502 is another great shallow mount subwoofer that comes preloaded with an oversized cone structure. So, it provides a more fabulous cone and gasket surface without changing the standard of external dimension. In fact, Pioneer has become popular to those who want deep bass and loud sound, maintaining the low profile to their sound system.

The 10-inch sub is one of the smallest subwoofers for the car. It can add value to the existing sound system by providing accurate and deep bass. Because of the compact nature and size, it is exceptionally usable and efficient. As it cannot stand on its own, it must be mounted on something. Don’t worry. The required accessories come with the sub to help you in mounting. It comes with 8 self-tapping screws to tighten the 2 L-shaped brackets. So, you can mount the sub in any direction on any setup mostly under the seats.

In addition to that sleek design, the cone is structured with supported MICA injection shaped resin. So, it can create a durable, sturdy, and robust cone to produce accurate bass. Also, it contains a high-quality dual spider to provide more control in cone’s motion. Hence, it optimizes the stiffness of the excursion of the cone so that the subwoofer can provide an accurate bass response.

Here is an exciting and exceptional thing you don’t find in other models. The Pioneer TS-SWX2502 comes with angled push terminals that allow the toy to connect the wires ease. On the one hand, the regular subs come with terminals that are not flexible. So, they are connected horizontally or vertically. On the other hand, this sub comes with angled terminals, which are incredibly flexible to connect with any direction. So, the wires are not bent to fit. 

Finally, The Pioneer TS-SWX2502 is an over-sized cone that allows moving more air. So, it results in producing loud and deep bass sound. Moreover, it has an excellent frequency response range of 20 Hz to 125 Hz along with a sensitivity of 89 db. So, you are out or worried about covering any genre of music compatibility.

 Key Features

  • Up to 300 watts RMS compatibility with a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 125 Hz.
  • 89 dB sensitivity with a single 4-ohm impedance
  • Compact design with large cone for the optimal use of space.
  • Reinforced MICA injection-molded resin preloaded subwoofer cone

4. Jl Audio 10tw3-d4 Shallow-mount Subwoofer

Jl Audio 10tw3-d4 Shallow-mount Subwoofer

If you want a stand out shallow mount subwoofer for compact space, the Jl Audio 10tw3 would be a perfect choice. It comes with all-set that leaves nothing required for excellent bass output. The robust materials and high-built quality make it an exceptional but accessible among the car owners. The perfect combination of the duos makes the unit unique to deliver precise and vibrant sound.

The cone of the sub is the most critical part to be considered. A sturdy cone that is made of propylene can withstand to resonance. It can continue to perform top-notch even after hours of playing the soundtracks. Yet, it never flexes under energy overload. Moreover, the cone is surrounded by a large, durable, and reliable rubber that allows the cone to move a massive amount of air. So, maximum sound comes from the car speaker to fill in the car. Also, the surrounded rubber helps the sub to play for hours without creating any distortion.

Come off with cast alloy frame; the Jl Audio sub stands 3.25-inch tall. It seems too small but perfect for the car interior. The compact size also increases stability in addition to ensure the high-performance. It also enhances the lifespan of the sub by continuing stable performance. Furthermore, the robust construction comes at 10-inch but provides more power than many large subs to produce precise bass tones.

Not many subs can handle a wide range of RMS from 100 watts to 400 watts like the Jl Audio 10tw3. As a result, it enables the speaker to project crystal clear and accurate bass line with high and low notes. Even, the sub comes with a dual 4-ohm voice coil to suspend the concentric tube suspension. Not only tuning up the bass, but the voice coil also helps to match the wiring in the car. So, you get as much flexibility as you need. Moreover, it allows the sub to work well with different RMS power ratings.

We’ve not finished yet. The sub requires flexibility in the wiring in the car. So, this model gets full flexibility by utilizing the high roll rubber surround that allows the cone for optimum movement. Also, the unit features an injection molded cone that makes the subwoofer rigid and lightweight. So, the unit produces realistic bass output, which enhances driving enjoyment.

Key Features

  • Excellent and wide range power handling from 100 watts to 400 watts of RMS.
  • A dual 4-ohm impedance sub to ensure a continuous supply of steady power.
  • Mica-filled polypropylene cone with injection-molded rubber surround.
  • Patented “concentric tube” design with a cast alloy frame
  • DMA-optimized motor design with “floating cone attach method” technology.

5. Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer

Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1200F

KENWOOD has enriched the audio components industry since 1961 by manufacturing quality products. Some crucial components, like polypropylene cones, are a remarkable contribution. They are also technologically advanced from many competitors. Because of building quality products and inventing new technologies, KENWOOD remains one of the tech-giants in electrical component companies.

Like many other great products, Kenwood has brought a high-quality shallow mount car subwoofer. The Excelon series is one of the best gifts from Kenwood to the audiophile car owners. It is sublime stuff that works with the highest peak among the subs ever. It has 1400 watts peak power that can handle an RMS rating of 700 watts. This is an immense power enough to produce maximum sound. Also, the high RMS watts enables the sub to reproduce the punches as well as the booms from different genres of bass notes. Moreover, the power range of RMS of 50-350 watts makes it stable to supply continuous power.

Check this out: the Excelon comes with the highest sensitivity at 91 dB per watt. So, the sub can produce an equal volume of sound with less power. Even, it delivers maximum volume by getting maximum power with the higher RMS ratings. In addition to the loud sound, you can go to play music through car speaker without using an amplifier. Again, another impressive feature of the Excelon is the cone design. It is made of carbon-glass fiber with a unique honeycomb pattern. So, the cone is more responsive and effective to transfer heat.

Not only the carbon-glass fiber but also rubber surround helps the sub to keep free from distortion and resonance. Even the robust die-cast aluminum made basket helps the unit in distributing heat throughout the vents. Now, the last but not the least of the features is the silver-plated terminals. The terminals are extremely easy to use as due to the flexibility. Also, the terminals transfer the signal for all kinds of bass from high to low notes. Also, the overall design and components help to keep cool the unit even after hours of playing. Finally, the unit is reliable, durable, top-notch quality.

Key features

  • 1400 watts peak power with RMS of 700 watts for supplying maximum power
  • 12-inch shallow mount sub with a 4-ohm impedance
  • Silver-plated push terminals for reliable connections and outstanding signal transfer
  • Carbon-glass fiber cone with rubber surrounded to keep distortion and resonance at minimal
  • Cast aluminum made a basket with a unique design to ensure longer lasting

6. Kicker 43CWRT102 CompRT 10-inch Subwoofer

Kicker 43CWRT102

Sometimes something is made for special something. Here it is Kicker which is renowned for car audio components. Like many other audio components of Kicker, the 43CWRT102 is an excellent 2-ohm shallow mount sub that delivers a booming low end. It is also designed in such a way that is strong enough to be fitted with not only cars and trucks but also in motorbikes and ATVs. Also, the aesthetic enclosures are round enough to produce the best volume to rock on the journey. 

So, what’s the good news from the Kicker to the fans? It’s the 43CWRT102 sub that comes with dual voice coils to do any task input in it. It can play from soft tones to jamming tunes in a way you desire. Also, it can use any application due to work with any RMS rating. Moreover, it supports internal bracing and strengthens the whole audio system. The rubber surround makes it robust, reliable, and durable. So, the sub can serve for many years of heavy use.

Fine-tuning is a crucial want for the audiophiles. It generates a good feeling while driving with listening to the favorite soundtracks. So, the sub comes with black carpeting to deliver an incredible level of fine-tuning. The unit is also incorporated with terminals that ensure smooth connections among the gauge. The connections also accommodate the sub to draw enough power to deliver car-filled sound. Also, the front-facing part of the sub enhances the audio performance by generating more bass.

No doubt it about the sub is a versatile one that creates an excellent sound both in ported or in sealed boxes. As the unit comes with dual voice coils, you can use either 1-ohm or 4-ohm impedance depending on your need. Also, RMS of 500 watts is enough for the sub that leads you to consider a solid amp for the low rating power. No, imagine for a moment of the unique proprietary cone technology. It comes with a molded cone technology with a red stitch to form a single unit. So, the rigid surface eliminates the distortion as well as the resonance.

Key Features

  • Dual voice coils enable the unit to work together or individually.
  • 500 watts of RMS rating is enough to provide maximum party-like sound.
  • Surrounded rubber on the cone to ensure reliability, strength, and durability.
  • Unique proprietary cone technology to keep the distortion and resonance at the zero levels.
  • Black carpeting front-facing part generates more bass.

7. Alpine SWR-t10 10-Inch Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Alpine SWR-t10

Alpine is another remarkable leader in the audio components market. It brings the perfect combination of power and compact design. So, Alpine SWR-t10 comes with sleek design to be capable of great power handling. Unlike many other models and brands, the sub comes with a neodymium magnet that is 5 times more powerful. Usually, the subs use regular magnets to produce sound, whereas the SWR-t10 has the capability to deliver maximum volume.

Exceptionally built with the airflow management system, the unit remains cool even after hours uses. Moreover, the unit has enriched with aluminum heat sink technology that connects the body with the frame. So, the unit leads to rapid heat dissipation to help the whole system getting cool. So, the unit never gets hot; even it is playing for hours with overload energy. Moreover, the unit generates a coupled with the advanced and unique motor structure to reduce sub’s profile. So, the sub can deliver accurate bass through the speaker.

Surprisingly, we’ve got into the crucial moment of the Alpine SWR-t10 shallow mount subwoofer. It comes not only with the premium quality materials but also surrounded by rubber. So, the aluminum cone gets rigidity and extremely lightweight. Hence, the cone responses more accurately for producing high-quality bass. Also, Santoprene rubber surrounds reduce not only distortion and resonance but also ensures durability and strength. It makes you worry-free for the unit even in the extreme conditions. Moreover, the aluminum cone rubber surround makes the unit more flexible to bend in any direction.

We’ve come to the next but not to the end. The unique neodymium magnet structure inside the sub helps it to deliver quality bass. As the unit is capable of working with 600 watts of RMS rating, it provides top performance that you can’t imagine if getting from such a 10-inch sub. However, for the peak power of delivering 1800 watts, the sub delivers more realistic and rich bass. Even, you may not find a sub to work with 1800 watts RMS rating among the competitors.

Key Features

  • Aluminum cone with injection molded rubber surround results in highest SL output.
  • 4-inch diameter single layer edge-wound ribbon wire voice coil.
  • 50mm of peak-to-peak excursion Neodymium 35SH magnet structure
  • Structurally significant to reduce distortion but improves power handling capability

8. Rockford Fosgate R2SD2-10 10-inch Shallow Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate R2SD2-10

Over 35 years of experience, Rockford Fosgate has made the music more enjoyable by inventing thousands of audio components. Regardless of the vehicles, the Rockford Fosgate makes products for cars, ATVs, SUBs, boat, and other recreational vehicles. In the most way, it knows the human ear better through research and using technology that leads the company to make audio components for ensuring excellent listening experience.

The unit comes with a mica injected polypropylene cone with a 10-inch stamp cast basket with integrated spider venting. The materials of the cone mica injection polypropylene enhance the durability and stiffness. So, the cone can easily connect with voice coil by wire and woven simultaneously. Moreover, the sub is designed to be used in a sealed enclosure like a car interior. So, construction is fantastic to favor longevity. Furthermore, the voice coil is made of anodized aluminum that is far better than traditional plastic materials. Whereas aluminum can absorb heats swiftly to keep the device cool, the plastic has no such type ability like aluminum.

The 10-inch subwoofer comes with custom 10-AWG nickel plated push terminals. The cast aluminum crate makes the unit rigid to keep the voice coil hole alive amid long continuous journey. Also, the spider venting keeps the voice coils cool even after hours use. Not surprisingly, the subwoofer delivers quality bass with adjusted natural sound. The neodymium magnet used in the sub remains it cool even at high volume conditions.

We’re not finished yet as crucial feature remains. The unit comes with a 2-ohm impedance. This tiny impedance supplies steady power to the amplifier so that sound can’t be distorted. Also, with 85 dB, sensibility produces an ear-pleasing sound that covers all genres. Moreover, the sub receives dominantly 200 watts of RMS rating that can reach up to 400 watts at the peak. So, the cone can give natural but phenomenal sound quality with distortion and resonance at the zero levels.

Key Features

  • 10-inch shallow mount subwoofer with handling power of 200 watts of RMS rating or 400 watts at the peak.
  • Mica injection polypropylene cone with 10-inch stamp cast integrated spider venting basket.
  • Anodized aluminum made voice coils seals the enclosure boxes.
  • Custom 10-AWG nickel plated push terminals to keep the voice coils cool
  • Neodymium magnet is used in the sub to keep it cool even in continuous high volume.

9. Skar Audio VD-10 D2 10-inch Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer

Skar Audio VD-10

Another great product from Skar Audio has enriched our list of shallow mount subwoofer. The Skar Audio VD-10 D2 is engineered to deliver great sound with maximum volume by handling an ample amount of power. The 10-inch shallow mount unit can handle up to 800 watts of RMS rating that makes it versatile in use. It can be compatible with any car audio system without any doubt. Again, the easy mounting system requires no additional components to install the unit in the car interior.

As Skar audio is a well-known brand for producing deep bass for both high and low end, the VD-10 D2 has no exception to other products of the company. Also, it looks attractive to match with the car interior. The high-quality materials used in manufacturing the components make it cute. The black color with compact design and shape will enhance your choosing power and personality. Moreover, the excellent finishing with round sided edges along the standard grill values your investment.

With a high-temperature 2-inch voice coil inside the unit, the sub delivers powerful and dominant performance yet with the low-profile single stack ferrite magnet. The suspension and voice alignment of the sub are also great to perform at an excessive level of listening. The dynamic balance engineered in the sub gives you a distortion-free and zero resonance level listening experience. Even, with the line inputs natural connection, the MDF constructed internal bracing enables the sub to handle 800 watts power.

In addition to that, the 10-inch shallow mount subwoofer comes with a 2-ohm impedance. The resister is too small but ensures a continuous flow of power. So, the sub can produce extreme quality sound with the bass level you expect. Moreover, the unit has a mere 4341-inch mounting depth that requires a compact space to be mounted. Hence, you can install it under the seat or trunks. Finally, the pressed treated paper made cone is capable of controlling temperature and moisture that ensures the longevity of the sub.

Key Features

  • Pressed paper cone resists temperature and moisture to ensure durability and reliability.
  • The unit is capable of handling RMS rating 800 watts with 500 watts at the peak.
  • 2-inch high-temperature copper made the voice coil to keep the unit cool.
  • High roll foam is used to surround the unit to keep the distortion and resonance at zero levels.
  • 4.41-inch mounting depth allows installing the sub at a compact space.

10. Pioneer TS-SWX3002 12-inch Pre-Loaded  Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-SWX3002 12-inch

Pioneer is still the pioneer of many inventions in the audio industry. The Pioneer TS-SWX3002 is a hard-hitting but pre-loaded shallow mount sub that provides higher cone and gasket surface. Though it is oversized, it can deliver tight bass without changing the standard external dimension. Even, the cone surface allows more air moving through the subwoofer to produce a louder and deeper sound.

If you consider high-performance regardless of size, the Pioneer TS-SWX3002 can ensure it. The cone is made of highly rigid MICA injection molded resin. So, the cone not only gives durability and reliability but also produces accurate bass. Even, the dual spider venting allows the cone to control motion to optimize stiffness. It also helps the sub to go along with the linear movement for accurate bass response.

Now, it’s a matter of size that may concern you. The unit seems oversized as the Pioneer TS-SWX3002 comes with a 12-inch subwoofer placed in a shallow mount enclosure. Moreover, the enclosure is made of medium density fiberboard. The black carpet gives not only premium look but also resists slip and scratch. The enclosure comes with two L-shape brackets with 8 mounting screws. Also, the 7-inch mounting depth gives the unit a strong and powerful stiffness after installing. 

Want to know more about the sub. We have come to the last but not the least of the features. The angled pushed terminals of the unit can be mounted in any direction. This flexibility of bending the terminals allows the connections for easy and smooth wiring. Moreover, the connection saves a lot of space. So, you can put the device in the trunk or at the back of the seats. However, the unit can handle a power of 400 watts of RMS rating and 1500 watts at the peak; maximum volume is not a concern anymore.

Key Features

  • 12-inch oversized shallow mount subwoofer is made of medium density fiberboard.
  • MICA injected molded resin made cone allows to deliver accurate bass.
  • Dual spider venting helps to control linear movement and more air moving.
  • Premium black carpet made enclosure resists slip and scratch
  • Capable of handling 400 watts of RMS rating with 1500 watts at the peak.

Buying Guide: How to choose Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Shallow subwoofers are thinner, lighter, and more portable than the traditional subs. They can be easily mounted to the compact space. So, you can use it anywhere you want. Honestly, a shallow sub can give you the amount of bass and volume as from the traditional subwoofer. However, considering some aspects while choosing the shallow mount subs will help you getting high-performance from the subs in terms of bass and sound quality. Remember, if you are an audiophile, you should not even try a shallow mount subwoofer.

So, here are the key metrics you can follow while choosing the unit.


Subwoofer size depends on the diameter of the cones. The shallow mount sub comes in a small size with several varieties. Though it is a widespread thought that modern innovations get all things smaller without compromising quality, the concept goes down to the earth when it is subwoofer. The large subwoofer still leads the industry to deliver a wide range of frequencies at a louder volume.

However, most shallow mount subs come in 10-inch or 12-inch diameter. Sometimes, you may get it as 4-inch to 15-inch. No matter which size it is, you may buy the sub considering all other components.

Frequency Range

Generally, subwoofers are able to reproduce a wide range of frequencies. The broader the frequency, the stronger the subwoofer. So, a wide range of frequency makes shallow sub versatile enough to deliver a wide range of genres without compromising sound quality. Naturally, the frequency range is from 10Hz to 200Hz. Sometimes, you may find some subs are capable of getting a wider range. So, get the subwoofer which can reproduce a wider range of frequencies.


The power rating of the subwoofer comes in two types. They are measured in watts. The first one is the RMS rating that defines the required continuous power to produce the sound. The other one is the highest wattage, which is defined as the peak power. It expresses the level of the sub to how much volume it can reproduce at the maximum level.

The average RMS rating is 200 to 500 watts. But, you may get some subwoofers up to 1400 watts to 1500 watts. These subs help to create a party environment if you like to listen to rock music.


Material plays an essential role in building from gigantic ship to a human cell. So, when it comes to the subwoofer, the materials are also considerable for cone, surround, and frame. These three don’t work the same way, so they come in different ways. The latest cones are made of polypropylene MICA injected molded materials to ensure durability and reliability.

On the other hand, robust rubber is used to surround the enclosure. It helps to resists moisture and weather to remain the unit cool. So, the sub can play music for hours. Meanwhile, the frame contains the cone and other materials inside it. The latest design frames are made of fiberglass to ensure flexibility, reliability, strength, and balance.


Sensitivity is a crucial metric to choose the subwoofer. It measures the amount of volume a sub produces by using one watt. So, the higher sensitivity always helps you even it abstains you from buying an external amplifier. However, if you are using an amp, a low sensitivity can help you with a precise and loud sound.

So, what’s more about sensitivity. It is an efficient metric to convert watts into sound. However, a big isn’t always a good thing. It seems some subs can give a large sensitivity. But considering with other materials, the high sensitivity can turn the sound distorted. So, always consider a moderate sensitivity to get natural sound. Moreover, if you face of draining battery charge too quickly, a high sensitivity will help you a lot to produce more volume with less power.

Woofer Surround

The surround of the subwoofer plays a similar role as the cone. Mostly a couple of materials used to surround the sub. Here, rubber is the best to reduce vibrations and distortions. It ensures the sound quality by lowering resonance to the zero levels. However, you may find some plastics Surrounded the sub. The plastic is not good enough to absorb distortion or to reduce the vibrations. Even, it is not flexible sufficient like rubber.

Also, when it comes to the sub’s frame, consider the heat dissipating materials used in manufacture. The aluminum alloy is still the best material to be used in manufacturing frame. It provides solid durability and reliability but costs much more than steel and plastic. You may also consider steel, which is less expensive but heavier than aluminum alloy. However, never try to pick up the less expensive plastic made frame. It traps heat that creates resonance and hampers continuous music playing. 


Impedance is a common factor for all electric devices. It measures the resistance to an electrical current. The resistance is measured in ohms, which detects how much easier the device can convert the electric signal from an amplifier into sound. So, a low impedance is helpful to the device to turn the signal into the sound quickly and efficiently. Also, a low resistance creates less distortion or even no distortion at all.

Moreover, a low impedance carries a great potential of durability as the voice coil handles a huge electrical current. Even the match of the impedance between the speaker and the subwoofer reduces the risk of damage. However, normally 2-ohm to 8-ohm impedance sub is available in the market. Try to get a 2-ohm impedance with other top-quality components. If it’s not found or costs you much, a 4-ohm impedance will be a great companion.

Final Verdict

It’s now even easier to get the bass and premium sound quality from the car speaker without compromising anything. Shallow mount subwoofer helps the audio system also to perform better. So, space problem is longer an issue to enjoy big bass sounds. Though it seems the shallow mount subs have some drawbacks, the immense benefits outweigh the tradeoffs with a large margin.

However, always be careful while choosing the best one considering your choice and car space. Be sure that the required metrics are available in the sub’s features. Otherwise, your investment will go in vain.

So, get the best shallow mount subwoofer from famous brands and enjoy music. 

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