Best Computer Speakers Under 50 for Music- Our Unbiased Opinion Based on Research

Modern computers are still lack of great built-in speakers. So, if you are an audiophile, you must need an external speaker system. Also, you may want to upgrade the whole audio system. No matter how much tight budget you have, you always get the best computer speakers under 50. Don’t be confused. A $50 speaker can deliver stereo sound with deep bass to make your computing enjoyable.

However, it’s not the price, but the choice determines which sound-quality you’ll get from a speaker. So, try to learn the ins and outs of the sound as well as the speaker. Don’t worry if you are a novice. We have a buying guide about how to choose the best budget computer speakers. Go through it and pick the best one you expect from the list.

5 out of 5
Logitech Speaker System Z323
5 out of 5
TaoTronics Computer Speakers
5 out of 5
Altec Lansing BXR1220
5 out of 5
Genius Gaming Speaker SW-G2.1
5 out of 5

Best Computer Speakers Under $50 Review

The quality of speakers depends on the specifications, not on the price. So, many want the best budget computer speakers with all the required specs available. So, after considering all the required features, the below models are enlisted through practical experiences.

1.CA-3602FFP Best 2.1 Speaker for Music

Best Computer Speakers Under 50

So, what makes you pleasant most? I think it’s the music you love to listen to. Cyber Acoustics has brought an excellent 2.1 speaker sound system to content your sound expectation. It comes with two satellite speakers along with a powerful subwoofer. So, the sound speaker ensures best music tone with deep bass. It is compatible not only for the computers but also for other electronics such as macs, laptops, and gaming system. It is a high-end device that compiles with high-power amp and minimum level distortion. 

The CA-3602FFP is an affordable price computer speaker system that delivers crystal clear audio and powerful bass performance. The system comes with an internal power supply that helps the sound system to deliver 30 watts RMS for room-filling sound. Also, it can reach up to 62 watts at peak power. So, with this ample amount of power, you can expect party sound at home, office, or any large room.

Built with a wooden cabinet, the sound system comes in a stylish look. It is designed to blend with all decors and flat-screen monitors. The piano black finish on the satellites looks stunning, sitting next to the monitors. The lengthy cables coming with each component of the sound speaker enable to set the system anywhere. Moreover, the convenient control pad offers full control of volume and bass precisely without leaving your seat. You can adjust the volume and turn the power on or off. Even, despite the flexible price, the subwoofers can produce some low, mid, and high frequencies.

You are dead right that subwoofer is the prime player in the sound system. It controls the sound quality. The acoustics CA-3602FFP is tuning wood cabinet with a 5.25-inch power pro driver. So, the subwoofer can produce a solid, deep, and tremendous sound experience you expect. Also, the stereo satellite speakers are magnetically shielded with two separate high-efficiency drivers. So, clear, crisp, and clean stereo separation is ensured through the satellite speakers. Moreover, would you like to connect your mobile to pc? The package includes an AUX input port. It helps you efficiently connect your phone to the computer.

Key Features

  • Acoustics design to blend with today’s flat monitor in a stylish look.
  • Convenient control pod to ensure full control over the sound system for rich sound and deep bass.
  • 5.25-inch subwoofer to deliver the deepest bass along with powerful audio experience.
  • In-built power supply system to deliver 30 watts RMS rating and 62 watts at the peak.
  • Two 2-inch power pro drivers inside the satellite speakers to provide crisp, clean, and optimized sound.

2. Logitech Speaker System Z323 with Subwoofer

Logitech Speaker System Z323 with Subwoofer

Logitech has enriched the speaker industry as well as the list by bringing an excellent speaker system. The Z323 has earned immense popularity among the audiophiles to immerse music, games, and movies. Even, with such an inexpensive cost, this sound system comes with the quality of the build. It’s pretty good to have such devices to fill the entire room. Logitech never compromises with the quality, no matter how much the price is. Excellently, it has defined the brands based on the products’ performance as well as customer satisfaction.

So, what’s the most prominent feature that makes it exceptional and accessible? It comes with 360-degree sound technology that delivers sound evenly to all directions. So, it’s no matter where you are; you will enjoy rich, crystal clear sound throughout the room. Moreover, 360-degree technology immerses you in music. Also, the dual driver speakers deliver vibrant sound all across the room. Still, don’t you like to have this technology around you?

In addition to the new technology, the 2.1 speaker system complies with 30 watts of RMS rating. This is huge to supply much amount of power to the drivers. So, the maximum volume is ensured to make your party enjoyable. Even, the bass coming from the subwoofer brings the videos, music, movies, and sports to life. However, you may have a bit concern over the frequency range. However, the 55Hz to 20KHz is enough to cover all genres of music. So, the music gets immense clarity along with great bass.

Of course, stick with me here as the satellite speaker system comes with the 10.2 cm down-firing subwoofer. It makes the sound vivid to the ear. Even, you may have an exceptional experience by using the speaker system. Moreover, the sound system includes RCA jacks and auxiliary input that make it extremely flexible. So, you can connect Logitech Squeezebox™ to the music player, gaming console, DVD player, or iPod. Even, you want to listen to privately; you can use the integrated headphone jack coming with the sound system.

Finally, the Logitech Z323 is a good-looking speaker system that is enriched with rich features. It is a champ to make you winner without pressing your wallet.

Key Features

  • Immersive Logitech 360-degree sound technology for crystal-clear and room-filling audio.
  • Dual drivers inside the down-firing and ported subwoofer to deliver rich and deep bass.
  • Package includes an integrated headphone jack for private listening
  • 30 watts of RMS rating to ensure sufficient flow of power.
  • Sleek design with integrated RCA and 3.5mm inputs for secure connections to different devices.

3. TaoTronics Under 40 Computer Speakers for PC

TaoTronics Computer Speakers

TaoTronics has a reputation for making life more enjoyable and more comfortable in all spheres of life. It enhances life with too many products from HomeGoods to audio accessories. It knows how to address life’s needs and brings products to inspire you, enjoying life. Apparently, the products are designed to meet your speed and grit. So, like other products, TaoTronics has brought computer speakers to deliver you immense audio experience. Don’t make a mistake here. The computer speaker isn’t a 2.1 speaker. Instead, it is a wired computer sound bar.

TaoTronics is especially renowned for its compact design and portability. The materials are top-notch to ensure reliability and durability. The compact size helps easy mounting whereas the portability helps you carry the device to anywhere. So, you will never be out of listening to your favorite soundtracks. Like Logitech sound speaker, the TaoTronics has also used 360° surround sound technology. So, the room is filled with rich sound and deep bass from any corner. Also, the compact design requires a small space to be fitted.

However, if you want crisp sound with the midrange and high notes, the soundbar will go toe to toe in sound. With dual drivers inside the speaker setup the subwoofers capability. The slim design comes in a cylindrical shape to go on perfectly for desk spaces. The USB powered mini soundbar is exceptionally compatible with laptop uses. So, you can carry the device while moving without deceiving you from listening to your favorite music. Moreover, it goes well with all sorts of electronic devices.

Finally, the last but not the least feature is the LED accents. It creates a perfect ambient environment while listening to music or watching movies. Furthermore, the soundbar supports using a microphone. It comes with a port to be plugged in a microphone. So, when it is needed, connect the speaker cable into the microphone port on your PC. However, one thing you can’t ignore anymore. The charging port and the 3.5mm port are covered with rubber surround. So, the device is dust-proof that makes distortion level at a minimum.

Key Features

  • 20 watts of RMS rating with dual drivers to feel the top-notch sound quality.
  • 50Hz to 20KHz frequency range to achieve pure mid and high bass with rich sound.
  • Compatible with all sorts of devices by connecting via the 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Sleek and compact design with extreme portability without compromising sound quality.
  • Dual volume knob for better control along with LED accents to create an ambient environment.

4. Altec Lansing BXR1220 2-Piece Desktop Speaker System

Altec Lansing BXR1220 2-Piece Desktop Speaker System

If you are fond of USB speakers for both laptop and PCs, Altec Lansing BXR1220 will enrich your decoration. It creates impressive sound quality with full range stereo sound as your digital life demands. The compact speakers deliver crisp and crystal-clear sound experience. So, when it is time to listening to your favorite tracks, plug them into the USB port and go for music. However, it’s not a soundbar instead of two-channel speakers. The paired speakers allow the user to listen to without missing any notes.

The Altec Lasing BXR1220 draws power from the computer. So, you don’t need additional wire to supply power. Through the USB port, the speakers perfectly get sufficient power to improve sound quality. You simply need to plug in the USB cable into the USB port of the computer. Even, the two speaker shares the same power cord. Also, they share the cable from one end to the USB port and the other among themselves. So, leave any extra power cord that seems a hassle to carry on when you are on the go.

Astonishingly, Altec Lansing has used the latest Audio Alignment Technology in the speakers. It ensures the components working together to deliver music the way you like listening. It also ensures a precise balance among the three components of the speaker, such as the enclosure, the drivers, and the electronics. When all the components work together, a natural, colored, and high-quality sound comes from the speaker system. Even any slip of the parts leads the speaker to create a distorted and low-quality sound. Hence, the satellite speakers have different 2-inch but full-range drivers inside to provide stereo and realistic sound. It enhances the experience of watching movies or listening to music.

It gets better to come in a compact and cylindrical shape. Due to the design, the speakers need minimum space. Also, the satellite speakers are extremely portable to carry with anywhere you go. In addition to small size, the speakers have magnetic shielding to protect the monitor. Whereas speakers interfere with the monitor when they come close, the Altec lancing never interferes with the monitor display regardless of how close it is placed. Finally, the speakers are enriched with black enclosure and cloth grills. So, they can blend into any room interior and computer peripherals.

Key Features

  • 2-inch and full-range driver in each satellite speaker to deliver rich and deep bass.
  • 180Hz to 20KHz frequency range to cover all genres are expected to be heard.
  • USB powered speakers require no additional cable to get power supply.
  • Latest audio alignment technology is used to deliver accurately and high-performance
  • Stylish cylindrical design with compact size and black enclosure to fit with any interior.

5. Genius Gaming Speaker SW-G2.1 500-2.1 Channel Wooden Subwoofer Speaker for Desktops

Genius Gaming Speaker SW-G2.1 500-2.1 Channel Wooden Subwoofer Speaker

Genius is specially made for the gamers as well as the movie freaks who want to enjoy a real experience. So, as an audiophile, you may choose the Genius gaming speaker SW-G2.1. It’s an affordable subwoofer speaker that gives you battlefield experience. Also, while watching live sports through the PC, it seems that you are in the stadium. Even, the movie freaks get even the sound of the ins and outs of each scene that enhances the amusement a lot. However, the Genius SW-G2.1 is a 2.1 satellite speaker system that offers excellent sound quality with rich and deep bass.

The 2.1 channel speaker system comes with a wooden subwoofer. The ultra-rigid MDF wooden subwoofer delivers deep and rich bass with all low, mid, and high notes. Moreover, the entire system power output is 38 watts though it can supply 15 watts of RMS rating. So, the speakers can deliver maximum volume to rock on the party. However, the built-in controls help you to adjust bass and the master volume precisely.

In addition to that, the SW-G2.1 comes in a sleek black design. The scorpion logo on the subwoofer’s driver makes it attractive. Moreover, the 15 watts RMS rating helps to deliver an ample amount of sound. So, it will be a perfect sound system for a small or medium-sized room. The 3.5lbs weight of the whole 2.1 channel speakers seems extremely portable to carry with wherever you go. Also, the set is compatible with most gadgets, devices, gaming consoles, or PCs/laptops.

Remarkably, the sound speaker set comes with a control box. The speakers are made with magnetic shielding to protect the monitor from the attraction. So, you can set up the sound system as close as the monitor. Moreover, the system has a 3.5mm input port to connect through the PCs. As nothing else is required, simply plug and play the speakers. Here, for the convenient use, the whole system has a volume knob to adjust the volume and the bass.

Key Features

  • Inbuilt amplifier to deliver maximum sound to content your expectation.
  • 15 watts of RMS rating to deliver rich and deep bass for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Dynamic audio crossbar to provide clear acoustics and superior sound quality.
  • Universally compatible with all gadgets, devices, gaming consoles, and PCs/laptops.
  • Sleek black design with extremely lightweight makes it portable.
  • Convenient and precise control knob to adjust volume and bass for strong bass effect.

6. Satechi Dual Sonic Speaker 2.0 Channel Computer Speakers for iMac

Satechi Dual Sonic Speaker 2.0 Channel Computer Speakers

Satechi is a prominent market dominator in the computer speaker system. So, bring rhythm to the computer’s sound by using Satechi. The speakers are designed to bring life into the aesthetics of mind. The enclosure looks stylish with a sleek design. Also, the silver finishing at the bottom gives it much durability and stunning look. Even, the padded feet and modern brushed metal finish resist from scratching on the surfaces.

With a midcentury flair, the Satechi Dual Sonic speakers come with a high-end style that looks great on your desk. The rubberized finish with sleek conical design makes it considerable while choosing the best computer speaker. The sonic speakers come with a 3.5mm audio jack with a USB to control volume. Also, the in-line volume button features easy control over the speaker set when you can’t access the PC. It ensures your comfortability.

However, once again, it’s a new technology, the audio industry has ever experienced. The Satechi has brought Acoustic Air Spring technology in the computer speakers. It delivers deep and dynamic bass with mids and highs from both right and left stereo speakers. So, it seems that the room is filled with precise and rich sound. By the way, the Satechi computer speaker has universal compatibility with all available electronic devices. You may use it with Mac, Dell, Sony, Samsung, PC, gaming Console. Simply plug the USB port and 3.5mm audio jack and play the music.

In addition to that, the dual silver color dual speakers are extremely lightweight and portable. So, you are always with your favorite music regardless of the places where you are. The speakers are equipped with 1.5-inch driver in each that provides clean and clear sound. Also, the dual speakers have a clean frequency range of 90 Hz to 20KHz. Also, they don’t require additional power cable as getting power through the USB cord. So, simply plug the USB to PC and play music. Finally, the LED lighting to decorate the speakers makes them ambiance when they are playing.

Key Features

  • Sleek design with silver color compact size requires minimum space to set up on the desk.
  • Dual speakers are USB powered to abstain you from spending for an additional power cable.
  • Dynamic Acoustic Air Spring technology to deliver excellent sound quality with deep and rich bass.
  • Compatible with all available devices in the market with a USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Modern brushed metal finish with blue LED lighting makes a great ambiance.

7. Sanyun SW102 Computer Speakers for PC Laptop Desktop Speakers

Sanyun SW102 Computer Speakers

If you want an exceptional and excellent computer speaker set, then Sanyun is a perfect choice. It comes with cone-shaped with 360° surround stereo sound to cover all the room. Although the speakers are made of plastic, the premium materials ensure reliability and durability. The built-in diaphragm in the speaker delivers accurate bass. Also, the set comes with an acoustic resonator structure to deliver a wide frequency response for precise output.

Are you experiencing too low power that results in distorted sound or low volume? It’s because some speakers don’t get enough power when they’re connected with the computer through USB. Mostly, the current of the USB interface is less than 1A, which is too low for producing expected volume.

Also, many computers can’t deal with the power system efficiently that leads to continuous noise. It happens when the low-quality power cord is connected with the USB port of the computer. Moreover, the low-quality cord delivers insufficient power. So, the bass diaphragm becomes damage while transporting the bass.

However, you may have to experience any one of the above problems. So, Sanyun is here to solve all the problems. It has a built-in bottom bass radiator to deliver deep and rich bass quality. The strong USB port is used to supply power from the computer. So, the speaker set gets enough power to produce maximum volume. Also, the brilliant blue toned LEDs lit brightly when you are in the dark. It also makes the set look stunning.

Finally, the round-shaped speaker set comes with strong and well finished. So, it blends well with any type of desk. The in-line volume control gives you much control over the bass and the volume. Also, with the 3.5mm speaker cable, the speakers can be attached with any device for stereo audio output. Not only the excellent output performance, but the speakers are also compatible with a wide range of devices.

Key Features

  • Built-in bass diaphragm to provide strong bass performance.
  • Unique acoustic structure with enclosed low-frequency aid design to deliver resonance-free high-quality audio performance.
  • Metal and high-quality plastic made simple elliptical structure makes it steady.
  • Adopted with low-voltage but create no distortion and resonance at all with the sound.
  • 3.5mm USB port for plug and play with any device. Also, a 5V charging cable to provide enough power supply.

8. Creative A250 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Creative A250 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Experiencing top-notch sound from the speaker isn’t a matter of price instead of a matter of choice. Creative allows you to listen to high-quality sound. It has brought A250, a superior multimedia speaker system that comes with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. Exceptionally, the speaker set is certified from Energy Star because of using special port for sound enhancement. So, literally, the Creative speaker system is an actual creative in audio industry indeed.

Come with an improved image focusing plate; the speaker set enhances sound imaging and sonic directivity accurately. So, the sound quality is never compromised. Also, the combination of the components and the drivers ensures solid bass response and loudness. So, you can now enjoy movie, game or music with louder sound experience with more detailed audio than ever before. Even, the accurate sonic imaging enhances the mid-bass. So, by far and fair, the Creative A250 is a great match for loud sound along with crystal clear bass at an affordable price.

So, do you have a space problem beside the computer? Though the A250 delivers loud sound, it looks a small one. The compact design of the speaker set enables louder sound and deeper bass while playing music. Isn’t it good enough to get a smaller size without compromising the sound quality and loudness? Also, the subwoofer of the speaker features dual slot technology. It enhances the bass response while adding to the loudness. Also, the bass response is accurate for all low, mid, and high notes.

Featuring an extended flare surrounding, the speakers provide even a wider acoustic sport which leads to tonal accuracy. So, the sound seems natural and accurate. Moreover, the speaker set is empowered with 9 watts power. Do you think that it is not enough to fill your room? Also, the wide frequency range of 40 Hz to 20KHz allows a natural and decent sound. Moreover, the down-firing subwoofer also delivers an impressive and solid bass response. The down-firing installation also protects the driver from unexpected damage.

Furthermore, the integrated ON/OFF switch control on the satellite speakers comes for convenience and easy use. So, you can adjust the volume and the bass even in an easier way through switching on and off button. 

Key Features

  • Made of high-quality and robust materials with great build quality and sleek design.
  • Energy Star certified to enhance the sound and bass in a new but conventional way.
  • Image Focusing Plate technology features a flare surrounding to deliver sonic directivity
  • Down-firing ported and custom tuned subwoofer for booming bass.
  • Creative and new dual slot enclosure makes the speaker functional and conventional.

9. GOgroove SonaVERSE Ti Computer PC Speakers

GOgroove SonaVERSE Ti Computer PC Speakers

Gogoroove computer speaker makes your expectation a long way. The SonaVERSE Ti is an innovative audio system to meet the expectation of the audiophiles. It’s a 2.1 PC speaker system that has a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The whole system delivers vivid bass lines with nice balance of sound. The sleek design comes with a compact size requires the minimum space your computer desk has. Ultimately, it’s an ideal set of budget computer speakers that looks decent but never compromise with the quality.

Are you bored with your present computer speaker for low-quality sound? If you want to upgrade the whole sound system, the SonaVERSE Ti could be an excellent choice. It tells you the personality and inner music-freakiness within your budget. It always delivers an outstanding oomph of what you are looking for. However, the speaker set comes with LED lights. So, you can switch on or off the LED lights when you want to glow the blue.

The affordable 2.0 channel speakers come with dual 1.5-inch drivers in each satellite speaker. Along with the drivers, the subwoofer of each channel ensures passive bass for full range sound. Also, the convenient knob of the system allows you to adjust the volume and the bass efficiently. However, do you need loud sound from the speaker set? Don’t worry. SonaVERSE Ti is empowered with 5 watts of RMS rating when the subwoofer gets 10 watts. So, the maximum volume is quite possible from the channel speakers. 

We’ve not finished yet, buddy. The speaker set comes with a USB powered that gets power directly from the computer instead of plugging in the AC socket. So, plug into the computer and play your music. No addition setting is required. Moreover, it has a 3.5mm audio input to be plugged in any desktop regardless of brands and models.

In modern days, size becomes a factor when you choose something. Here is the gem from Gogroove. The SonaVERSE ti is made of a polished aluminum body with a sleek design. Moreover, the standing bar is vertical that requires minimum space of your computer desk. So, the whole set requires not only minimum space but also ensures durability.

Key Features

  • 9.1-inch channel speaker with passive bass woofer and dual drivers in each channel.
  • USB powered plug and play features along with 3.5mm audio jack to be compatible with all PCs.
  • Polished aluminum alloy body with LED glow bases looks not only eye-catching but also ensures reliability
  • Sleek design with vertical position stand fits well for your small computer desk.

10. Dell AC511 USB Wired Soundbar

Dell AC511 USB Wired Soundbar

Dell knows that customer needs. So, if you are a user of Dell PC or laptop, Dell offers a low profile, stylish and convenient soundbar. The Soundbar is USB powered and matched with various Dell monitors. Though the soundbar is specially made for Dell monitors, it is compatible with almost all flat panel modern days monitors. It also comes with an audio jack to let you enjoy your favorite games, movies, music without compromising with the sound quality. However, Dell AC511 is affordable that requires nothing else but plug and play. 

So, what comes first to describe the Dell AC511? The soundbar comes exceptionally with its sleek design and size. Due to a compact size, the low-profile soundbar wants small desk space without disturbing anything. It matches with the Laptop or the PCs. Also, because of the compatibility with the latest design flat panel monitors, it is hardly noticeable. However, one of the prominent features soundbar has is its portability. AC511 never denies the important feature, which makes it extremely portable. So, get it with you wherever you go.

Sound quality defines the soundbar or the speaker set whether it is good or bad. As, Dell is a renowned brand, Dell’s product AC511 delivers crisp and clear sound. It gives you a whole new experience of gaming and watching movies. Though it is small, it never compromises with the sound quality. Here, Dell has proved that size never matters if it is delivering sound. So, thehigh-quality stereo sound fills the room. 

One more thing about the sound is the power capability. The Dell soundbar is powered itself through the USB port from the computer. So, it requires to power cable or batteries to play the music. Simply plug into the computer audio port and play music. The same USB cable delivers power along with the sound. Moreover, the integrated volume control knob of the soundbar comes conveniently. Now, it’s effortless to adjust bass and volume through the control knob.

Key Features

  • Simple and compact design to match with flat panel monitors can be hardly seen.
  • USM powered soundbar requires nothing but plug and play to enjoy the room-filling music.
  • Available audio jack to help you listen privately.
  • Built-in integrated volume control knob comes to adjust bass and sound volume conveniently.
  • Standard frequency range with RMS rating to deliver crisp, crystal clear, loud sound.

Buying Guide: Features to Consider in the Computer Speaker

Getting the best product always doesn’t depend upon the price instead of choosing capability. It’s also true for the computer speaker. You’ll get an ample amount of computer speakers within your budget. Even, sometimes you may find the best computer speakers under $50, which can be matched with expensive speakers in terms of quality. So, before you hook up in any particular device, you must know the ins and outs of a quality computer speaker. So, let’s dive in the required features.


Enclosure plays a vital role in choosing a computer speaker. It is the enclosure that determines the sound quality. Also, it determines the quality of the bass. Usually, a large enclosure delivers better low frequencies that you can’t find from the small enclosure. Also, deep and rich bass makes the precise sound listening. Hence, you get maximum bass from the ported enclosure. More than that, the materials used in making the speaker ensures durability and reliability. You may find plastic made enclosure, but it is highly recommended to get a wooden enclosure for the best performance.

2.0 vs. 2.1

Are you confused to choose between 2.0 and 2.1 channel speakers? 2.0 channel speaker set comes with two satellite speakers with no subwoofer. It delivers dynamic bass, but you can’t expect a whole lot of bass from a 2.0 speaker set. Also, it seems too large to occupy more space on the computer desk. In addition to that, it is quite heavy that leads it is not a good option to carry with you.

On the contrary, a 2.1 channel speaker set offers two satellite speakers along with a subwoofer. As a separate subwoofer comes with the set, you’ll get deep and rich bass from the system. It fills the room with stereo sound that gives you an exceptional experience for listening to music or watching movies and games. However, it’s more price than a 2.0 channel computer speaker.

Specs and sound quality

Speaker’s quality varies from man to man depending upon the choice. As there is no standard to measure the quality, you have to depend on the specifications wholly to determine which can meet your expectation. Generally, a top-notch speaker set can deliver treble, midrange, and low frequencies. The stereo sound comes to fill the room, which is a determining factor for the audiophiles.

However, getting good bass from a speaker under $50 is a challenge. So, the manufacturers use upper-bass frequencies to add some punch that makes the sound thumpy. So, check all the available specifications of the speakers to know whether it can meet your expectations or not.

RMS Rating/ Wattage

RMS has a significant impact on determining the overall quality of the sound. The volume of the sound depends on the compatibility of the RMS rating. The amount of wattage a speaker can empower, the amount of sound it can produce. So, always pick up a standard wattage the meets the sound level. Also, have an in-depth look at the peak power, which delivers the highest wattage a speaker can handle.

Wired vs. Wireless

Nowadays, people want compact and portable devices. So, Bluetooth speakers are gaining popularity. It helps for convenient use and portability with wherever you go. It also works great to put the cell phone on the speaker while getting off the computer.

Moreover, the wireless speaker gets enough charge to continue for a long time. But, the most significant drawback of the wireless or Bluetooth speaker is the sound quality. You may not get rich and deep bass with lows, mids, and highs from a Bluetooth speaker within the price range.

On the other hand, the wired speaker gets enough power from the computer. Most of the speakers are USB powered that requires no AC cables or batteries to play music. Hence, it gets enough power to produce expected sound quality with bass.


The integrated volume control knob is an excellent way to adjust the volume and the bass. It includes volume, treble, bass, and power button is a single place. So, you are in no hurry, adjust the settings. While you are using the computer speaker set, reach to the speaker, and change the settings. Sometimes, you may get a remote control to adjust the bass and volume without leaving your seat.


Input audio jacks come to help you listen privately. Most of the speakers come with a single input for audio jacks. But, the latest design computer speakers have two inputs for connection difference sources like iPod, iPhone, etc. So, if you want to use your iPhone along with the computer for the same speaker, consider a two-inputs sound speaker.


Not all the settings and devices will match with your computer desk. The design, structure, size, and color make a beautiful blend with the computer. Usually, most speakers come in black color. It blends well with the computer as well as the desk. However, the compact size needs the least space to be paced. So, always pick the best computer speaker considering all aspects of the computer desk. 


Price is the most vital point for why you are on this list. The above list shows price can’t determine the sound quality. Hence, your budget is under $50; you must know the ins and outs of the speaker. The more you know, the more chance you get, the better the products. Paying little on knowing the speaker will help you a lot for further purposes like sound controlling. So, pay attention to the specs within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are Bluetooth Speakers good for PC?

Answer: Bluetooth is the latest addition to wireless music components. It is a point-to-point wireless system that comes with a pairing system. It connects the transmitter and the receiver to play music. It is easy to set up and streams high-quality music.

But, there are some drawbacks of the wireless Bluetooth speaker. It can’t transmit high power that is required to deliver maximum volume. It can’t work well for multi-room tricks at all. Also, the Bluetooth speaker isn’t as powerful and high-fidelity as wired or wi-fi speaker.

2. Do PC speakers work on TV?

Answer: The speakers don’t come only to be plugged in with the PCs, but also the HDTVs. As almost all the HDTVs have RCA audio jack ports, you can plug it to any HDTV. However, it can’t deliver sound as soon as you connect the audio jack. You may have to change the settings and set the TV volume to the external device.

Also, many TVs come with a USB port which lets you plug in USB-powered speakers. The USB-powered speakers need not additional cable for power supply; instead, it gets power from the TV through USB.

3. How long do high-end speakers last?

Answer: Surprisingly, speakers last for speakers. However, the speaker is made of several components like wooden enclosure, carbon fiber in drivers, and foam rot around the drivers. As the components are related to environmental exposure, they can be changed through environmental changes. However, it is surely not happened within 3-5 years.

4. which are responsible for bad performance of a speaker?

Answer: a speaker is made of several vital components. Each of the components plays a crucial role in producing high-end performance. So, any deficiency from any component leads the speaker to bad performance. So, no sooner had a problem arises than the problem should be solved. But, at first, be ensured that the speaker fits the purposes.

However, the most responsible reasons behind bad performance of a speaker are:

  • Fail to fit accurately with the sound producing devices like computers.
  • Manufacturer fault in production to set all the components precisely.
  • Inaccurate installation through the device and the speaker by the user.
  • Inadequate skill on managing a speaker like overpowering or tuning control knob unconsciously.
  • Low-quality voice coils or drivers deliver low-performance.
  • Question: What is a proper wattage for speakers?

Answer: it’s the most confusing question ever for the users. Even many audiophiles who have less information may mistake in a sense. So, let’s dive in an easy calculation.

Unbelievably, less than I watt is enough for speakers due to the listening occurs at average levels. Hence, a 200-watt amp works at the same level as a 10-watt amp. However, when you increase the loudness, all the amps deliver exactly the same amount of power at their maximum limit.

However, when you consider the sensitivity rating of the speaker, it is measured in decibels (dB), most commonly 1w/m. So, when 1-watt power is given to the speaker, it can deliver 90 dB sound at a distance of surrounding 1 meter. So, where does the 90dB come from? Here is the trick.

Most of the speaker comes with a sensitivity rating of 90 dB with a power handling of up to 100 watts. So, when you increase the power to 2-watt, the speaker delivers 93 dB sound. Hence up to 100 watts, the speakers are capable of delivering 100dB.

Final Remarks

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