Best Car Audio Capacitors in 2023- Important Details for Buyers

Isn’t your car audio system delivers natural sound? Or the whole sound system is struggling to produce the desired sound. Most probably, the sound system doesn’t get enough power from the batteries.

Here, as an audiophile, you must know the car capacitors. It is a fundamental device that stores electrical energy to release to the amplifier when it is needed. Though the device is small, it can improve the sound quality dramatically by giving the rig the power it requires. Also, it ensures smooth, steady, and constant power supply to the amplifier as dynamic music varies from low to highs.

What Is A Capacitor?

A capacitor is an electrical device that comes with two passive terminals. It consumes energy and releases to the amplifier. Thus, it consumes extra power from the electrical device and saves it from being hot or even damaged. It is used in car audio system so that excessive power can’t burn out the entire system.

As music is dynamic, it can transform from soft voices to thundering bass swiftly. So, the amplifier requires steady power to cope up with the swift transition of the vibrant music notes. Hence, a capacitor helps the amp to get stable power to reproduce the sound regardless of soft and rock music.

Best Car Audio Capacitors Reviews

A capacitor plays a vital role in producing sound from the car audio system. So, while searching for the capacitor, different aspects come in the considerations. Polarity vs. working voltage, ESR vs. power surge, etc. become important when selecting the compatible car capacitor.

Apart from that, you will stumble upon capacitors in the market due to the enormous variety and features. So, our expert team has developed a list of famous brands and well-known models of capacitors so that you get the best one for your car sound system.

1. Planet Audio PC10F - Best 10 Farad Capacitor

Planet Audio PC10F

10000W RMS is quite large for the car audio system, and hence it requires a huge capacity capacitor. So, if your car audio system requires 10000RMS, you must need a 10 Farad car capacitor for the best output. Planet Audio PC10F is an excellent car audio capacitor that provides enough power to promote the convenience of reliability and use. It also ensures deep bass demand from the audio system.

Also, the high Farad capacity is compatible with all sorts or RMS requirements with a combination of the capacitance and terminal voltage. It also ensures deep bass at maximum volume without creating any distortion or decreasing audio quality. Moreover, it can store and discharge more power than many other competitors with similar specifications.

Because of extensive power capability, the capacitor can charge quickly, mostly from 5 to 60 seconds. So, within 1 minute, the device is fully charged. However, you should be careful as the high power can turn the register gets hot. So, remove the register after the capacitor is fully charged. Also, the fully charged capacitor helps the battery to become stable.

Furthermore, due to the extremely lightweight, it is easy to install. The capacitor is recommended to use farad to 100 watts RMS. So, the automatic capacitor is charging itself while the car is running. Also, it will power down to save energy and for safety when the car engine is off. Here is a caution, never use over 1500 watts with Planet Audio capacitor as it may destroy your capacitor.

As if that’s not enough, the high working voltage of the capacitor supports for the higher voltage which protects from overvoltage and power surge. As it can measure the voltage accurately for +/- 0.1 VDC, your car audio system works excellent. The working voltage is 16VDC when the surge voltage is 24 VDC. 

The digital capacitor will audibly tell you the problem if you face a reverse polarity, an overload of energy, or even low battery signal. You’ll get a warning tone along with the LED signal. The Planet Audio displays three digits for the LED voltage to make you know the current voltage of the capacitor. So, you need not check manually the charging levels as well as the voltage.

Finally, we must have to say the cool design and attractive finishing of the device. It comes with black color and chrome finish. So, it can be blend with any interior car finish. The plastic cover ensures further protection to the capacitor along with the robust materials.

Key Features

  • 10000 watts RMS to provide high power to ensure maximum volume.
  • 3 digits bright blue LED voltage display to alert you for voltage and charging levels.
  • Audible tones to make you know about the Reverse Polarity, Voltage Overload and Low Battery Voltage
  • Accurate voltage measurement with +/- 0.1 VDC with 16 VDC working voltage and 24 VDC surge voltage.
  • Extremely lightweight and attractive finishing to be compatible with all decors and interior.

2. BOSS Audio CPBK2 - 2 Farad Car Capacitor


The BOSS audio CPBK2 is an inevitable car capacitor if you want to be the boss of a car audio system. It is one of the best capacitors money can buy so that you can accelerate the reliability of the car audio system. The 2-farad capacitor looks similar to other competitors, but the performance is far better than others. It ensures sufficient energy to enhance the bass demand from the car audio system.

The BOSS CPBK2 comes with a 3-digit LED display along with an audible tone. The duos make the capacitor easy to use as well as reliable to all users. One the one hand, the LED display shows the measurement of the available voltage. Nothing like the Planet Audio, the BOSS, has brought the display red, which is much more visible. The dark display provides a significant show of the current-voltage even in the night. So, even a shortsighted man can easily detect the overloads of the voltage through the red lights.

Meanwhile, the car capacitor can provide up to 2,000,000 capacity with an average of ESR less than 0.00195. So, it is compatible with any car audio system. Also, the audible tone that has come with the LED display works excellent to alert the owners. It will alert you during reverse polarity, low voltage, or overvoltage. So, you can’t miss the warning to make the problem solved.

However, the device should be appropriately installed unless it doesn’t work. So, check the connection of the remote output of the capacitor. As the head terminal screw comes with the package, it is easy to hook up the capacitor while charging or connecting to the car audio system.

Again, for the power surge and RMS, the BOSS is still the pioneer of the car audio industry. 16 VDC working voltage with 24 VDC power surge makes power supply smooth to the sound system. So, the maximum volume is achieved for the party mood. However, the most astonishing part of the BOSS capacitor is the fast charging system. It requires seconds to get fully charged. So, you can take it anywhere to enhance the bass demand of the car speaker.

I know the feeling of getting the best things to come done. The aesthetic and stylish design of the capacitor will blend with all interior car decors and colors. Even for the 4 pounds weight of the capacitor, you can mount it like an amplifier, or you may slide the device under the car seat. But, as it requires the smallest space, you should install it effortlessly.

Key features

  • 16 VDC working voltage with 24 power surges to keep the device safe.
  • Up to 2,000,000 capacity along with +/-10% capacitance tolerance to be compatible with any car audio system.
  • Extremely fast charging capacity to charge the capacitor fully within seconds.
  • 3-digit red LED display to show voltage.
  • Audible warning tone to alert for reverse polarity, overload, or low battery voltage.

3. Sound Storm C22 2 Farad Car Capacitor

Sound Storm C22

Sound Storm leads the car audio industry with many patents and inventions. Sound Storm C22 is another excellent product of the company. The chrome plated posts make it exceptional and attractive to audiophiles. It does not only look decorative but also enhances the resilience of the posts. So, the capacitor is reliable as well as durable.

Not only the decorative finish, the +/- 0.1 tolerance makes it flexible to any car sound and lighting system. So, the audio power supply is smooth and great to listen to favorite music with maximum volume. Like other standard and top-quality brands, the Sound Storm capacitor is also able to provide 16 VDC voltage range along with 20 VDC power surges. So, the capacitor works excellent even under the higher voltage. Also, the higher power surge ensures protection from power overload.

Due to 2 Farad capacitors, the Sound Storm requires the least time to be charged. So, it can connect and power the car audio system and the amp with no time. However, make sure that the cables are disconnected from the battery so as the engine is off. Also, never allow the capacitor to take more than a minute to be charged after attaching with the battery. Don’t touch the battery or the capacitor right away after disconnecting.

The Sound Storm C22 also comes with a 3-digit bright red LED display to show the current voltage. The red light helps to check the voltage for all sorts of people; even someone is shortsighted. Also, it requires no voltage measuring tool to measure the current voltage.

However, the budget-friendly capacitor comes in a package with all necessary mounting supplies. You need to buy extra wires to install the capacitor far away from the car sound system. However, as it comes with a compact design with less than 4 pounds weight, you can install it near the sound system.

Key Features

  • 16 VDC regular current voltage with 20 VDC power surge to provide maximum power supply as well as to protect from power overload.
  • +/- 10 percent capacitance tolerance to make the capacitor most flexible.
  • Bright 3-digit red LED display to display the current voltage
  • Chrome plated posts with decorative finish ensures durability and reliability.
  • Package includes all mounting supplies to save you from spending bucks.

4. Stinger SSCAP2M Brushed Aluminum 2 Farad Digital Capacitor

Stinger SSCAP2M Brushed Aluminum 2 Farad Digital Capacitor

Stinger is a versatile electronics producer dominating various industries with top-notch products. Like many other premium products, Stinger SSCAP2M is another great contribution to the audio industry. It is a brushed aluminum digital capacitor. It is usually a 2-farad capacitor that works with an audio system up to 5-Farad and 1000 watts of power. Moreover, the 16 to 18 VDC surge range keeps the capacitor workable along with protection from power overload.

With the 3-digit bright red LED display, the Stinger capacitor enables the voltage display for showing current voltage. Also, the capacitor stabilities the charge of the battery. As the digits come in red light, they are more visible.It also maximizes the bass response of the car speaker but minimizes the headlight dimming. So, the battery lasts longer than the previous time.

So, what’s made the Stinger so attractive? We think it is the brushed aluminum casing. The aluminum body makes the capacitor light but durable. Even, brushed aluminum is more engaging and lasting than standard aluminum. Also, brushed aluminum enhances the reliance, durability, and strength of the car capacitor. It also resists corrosion that results in capacitor wastage.

As if that’s not enough, Stinger car capacitor features satin finish terminals. Sating finish is such lucrative that leaves no flaw on terminals. In any way, you may miss of having no gauge in the terminals. So, it is easy to mount and install in the same way you would use for an amplifier.

As one of the essential features of the latest car capacitors, the Stinger SSCAP2M also features the audible reverse polarity alerts. It alerts you if there is any reverse polarity, overload, or low battery charge. Mainly, reverse polarity occurs for improper wire connections.

Key Features

  • Fast charging capacity requires 5 to 60 seconds to get fully charged.
  • The brushed aluminum casing ensures durability, reliability, and strength.
  • Satin finishing terminals leaves no flaw but lucrative design.
  • Audible alert system to notify for reverse polarity due to improper wire connections.
  • Ultra-low ESR to supply high current output for providing maximum volume.

5. Rockford RFC1 1 Farad Capacitor

Rockford RFC1 1 Farad Capacitor

If you are searching for the best 1 Farad capacitor, Rockford is one step ahead of the competitors. Even Rockford is one of the tech giants to lead the audio industry. From the very first day of the company, Rockford has been contributing the industry with many inventions and patents. Using low ERS in the capacitor is another gem from the Rockford.

Because of using low ERS, Rockford RFC1 ensures maximum power supply to the car audio system. The Equivalent Series Resistance (ERS) is paired with carbon and electrolytic platinum. Plating with platinum enhances the hardness while the carbon ensures sufficient and smooth power supply. Also, the pair results in durable and less prone to surface damage. Also, it is near to impossible to scratch on the platinum plated body. Even the pair enables the capacitor to work up with over 2000 watts.

​And the solid brass top is on the capacitor. Yes, you read that right. The top of the capacitor comprises of solid brass. So, the top resists to corrosion along with tolerating to high temperature. It also reduces stripping, which makes it possible to work precisely with gradually increasing temperature. So, when the car amplifier is empowered, the car audio system plays smoothly.

Thought so 1 Farad capacitor may need a long time to get fully charged. You’re wrong here. The capacitor requires 20 to 30 seconds for a full charge. However, when the charge is completed, make sure that the capacitor and the charge resister become cool. You can also ground the device that ensures extra protection. However, the package includes a test light on the resister to test the device is grounded well or not.

In the sense of low ERS, the capacitor ensures adequate and smooth power supply to the sound system. Also, due to ERS, the capacitor never gets overheat regardless of the operational duration. However, it is expected that low ERS reduces the RMS compatibility in terms of the watt limits provided to the speakers.

Surprisingly, not like many other capacitors, Rockford uses 0-gauge wiring for each installation. So, the current will work seamlessly through the battery and the capacitor. However, the capacitor comes with two astounding colors. Silver is the primary color when black places for the alternative. Regardless of color, the solid finishing blends well with any interior of the car.

Key Features

  • Platinum and carbon paired capacitor ensure durability, hardness, strength, and reliability.
  • Low ESR provides adequate but consistent power supply to the sound system.
  • Solid brass top reduces stripping and resists corrosion.
  • The capacitor can work with up to 2000 watts.
  • Fast charging capacity requires 20 to 30 seconds to get fully charged.

6. Soundquest SQCAP2M 2 Farad Power Capacitor

Soundquest SQCAP2M 2 Farad Power Capacitor

Small can be as great as the large ones, and Soundquest has proved it successfully. Don’t underestimate the size of Soundquest. It has brought an affordable 2 Farad car capacitor with digital LED display. The cool design with an exceptional finish makes the capacitor an attractive one to the safety-seeker people. Though it is small, it works precisely with any car audio system.

Featuring a brushed aluminum body, the Soundquest SQCAp2M is highly authentic and decorative of its price range. The brushed aluminum body stays safe and sound. It is also resistant to weather and corrosion. So, reliance and durability are ensured. Also, the stylish look makes it a great addition to the car interior.

So, what’s more with the small capacitor? Like renowned BOSS and Planet Audio, the Soundquest also comes with the audible alerts for reverse polarity warning. You will listen to the alert from the audible capacitor about reverse polarity. It notifies you again and again so that you can rectify the problem unless it is rectified, it can damage other components of the system.

Now, it’s the power surge voltage that keeps the capacitor safe from overload. The 2 Farad small capacitor can provide a 20V of a power surge. So, it can support any RMS without damaging or decreasing the sound quality. At the same note, the capacitor has the capacity to protect the device up to 20 volts DC.

Like most other latest capacitors, Soundquest SQCAP2M also features a bright 3-digit red LED display. The red brightens more than any different color. So, you’ll be notified easily when it is demanding to charge. Also, it displays the current voltage level of the register. However, you may hook up the capacitor on the ground wire so that it can charge itself.

Is there anything else of the solid capacitor? We haven’t finished yet. It doesn’t come only with sleek design but also ensures reliable performance. The aluminum casing makes it durable while the low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) provides a continuous flow of power. So, the maximum volume is provided so that you can rock on party mood.

Last but not least of the feature is the satin terminals. Te satin finishing terminals leaves no grilles on the capacitor. So, moisture can’t enter into the capacitor to damage it. Even, it helps to keep the capacitor active in a humid car environment.

Key Features

  • Brushed aluminum made exterior with satin finishing materials to protect the capacitor.
  • Extremely low ESR to ensure a consistent flow of power
  • Up to 20 volts DC to supply maximum power along with compatibility with any RMS car audio.
  • Audible reverse polarity warning to keep you up-to-date with the device.
  • Bright 3-digit red LED digital display to show the current voltage level of the register.

7. Power Acoustik PC1.5F 1.5 Farad Digital Power Capacitor

Power Acoustik PC1.5F 1.5 Farad Digital Power Capacitor

Are you busy of shutting the capacitor off after being fully charged? The register and the capacitor get very hot when they are charging. So, it is quite risky too to shut off the capacitor from the register. Here, Power Acoustik has come to relieve you from off the capacitor. The automatic shut off feature has made it an exceptional one to the car owners. Also, the sweet design with acoustic color makes it cool to the car interior.

​The Power Acoustik PC1 comes with a brushed aluminum finishing that makes it look decorative. The chrome cover with plated finish ensures durability and a stable outlook. Not only it enhances the sleek design but also provides resistant from weather and corrosion. Also, it is well-known that brushed aluminum is far better than standard aluminum.

So, let’s dive in the essential features of the capacitor. The capacitor operates within 12 to 16 volts DC. So, it can be operated with any car DC voltage. Also, it can be operated with many RMS requirements as well as car batteries. The standard voltage range ensures sufficient power supply as well as the safety and lifespan.

Likewise, the digital display allows you to see 3 digits red bright LED light. It shows the current voltage of the capacitor. Also, it reminds you when the capacitor should be charged. However, you don’t need any external meter to measure the voltage of the capacitor. Also, due to extremely lightweight, you can move the device for different vehicles.

Furthermore, the small device comes with a single mounting post. So, it is quite easy to mount the capacitor in the car. Meanwhile, the translucent nature of the capacitor makes it less visible. So, you can install the capacitor anywhere you want, especially under the seat or on the battery.

Finally, the Power Acoustik is a 1.5 Farad capacitor that supplies sufficient power for dynamic sound. The low ESR ensures continuous power supply. However, the patented Shutoff protection enables the capacitor to shut off automatically when it is fully charged. Hence, the shutoff protection protects the capacitor from being hot or damaged when the voltage is overload.

Key Features

  • Automatic shutoff technology makes it exceptional as well as saves the device from power overload.
  • Bright 3-digit red LED light display to show the current voltage.
  • Standard 12 to 16 volts DC is compatible with all sorts of RMS requirements.
  • Brushed aluminum plating on the top makes it reliable, durable, and robust.
  • Acoustic design with vibrant color matches all car interior.
  • 1.5 Farad capacitor with extremely low ESR provides enough power to the amplifier.

Things to Consider Before Buying Car Audio Capacitor

Capacitors come in different sizes and designs for various cars. All the cars haven’t come with the same audio system with similar components. As they have pros and cons, it’s up to how which capacitor will be compatible with the system. Due to the incapability of one audio system to another system, pick the best capacitor for car audio.

All the capacitors have some common features. So, consider the following features before your final consideration.


Voltage is the most crucial part of the car capacitors. The capacitors are entitled with two voltage: rated voltage and the surge voltage. The rated voltage defines the continuous flow of power while the surge voltage ensures the maximum power the capacitor can handle. Usually, most of the car capacitors have a voltage of 12V to 14.8V DC. So, up to 16V DC rated, voltage is good enough for the best performance of the audio. On the other hand, the car capacitors are defined with 20V DC surge voltage. Hence, it can protect the whole system from being of sudden overpowered or voltage surged. 

Number of Farads

Farads are the wires that hold power in the capacitors. For every 1,000 watts of power, the capacitors need a single farad. So, the more farads are, the more efficient the capacitor is. Also, a higher number of farads are used for fast charging, which gives the capacitor much flexibility. So, if you want to upgrade the system in the future, consider a higher number of farads. However, in general, the capacitors come with at least 2 farads, whereas the top-quality devices have up to 50 farads.

Low Impedance

Impedance refers to the resistance of the direct current. It is composed of two components. One is resistance, and another is reactance. The less the impedance is, the more power the capacitors get. So, always pick the low impedance capacitors if you want party-like volume from the speaker.

Capacitance Value Rating

The capacitance of a capacitor describes the amount of charges it can store. It is defined in farads. The higher capacitance represents higher charging value of that stores more power. So, always consider the specs of your car amp. A capacitance value rating of 1 or 2 farads is enough for the car amplifier rated 2000 watts. On the contrary, if you have more powerful car amp, consider more than 2 farads capacitor for the optimal performance.

Electrolytic vs. Carbon

In general, capacitors are of two types. One is electrolytic, and the other is carbon capacitors. Both capacitors have different specifications to meet the different expectation. The electrolytic capacitors come with fast charging rate whereas the carbon capacitors can store more power. So, if you play music for a long time, pick up the carbon capacitors. However, consider the electrolytic capacitor if you are in a hurry. Recently, a hybrid capacitor has become popular in the market. The hybrid capacitor has both types of materials. So, it can give you a moderate service.

Audible Alerts for Unfavorable Conditions

Reverse polarity is a common issue of the capacitors. So, it’s not so easy to check the unfavorable condition of the capacitor frequently. In fact, while you are driving, it’s quite troublesome to check the capacitor. So, wouldn’t it convenient to get an audible alert from the capacitor for any unfavorable condition. As capacitors with audible alert are available in the market, invest your bucks on such a device. 


It’s a normal tendency of people to get a durable product when investing bucks for something. A capacitor is not unlike that of the products. So, when you invest your hard-earned bucks on a capacitor, make sure that it will be durable. Mostly, high-quality materials and aesthetic finishing ensure quality and durability. Prefer the materials that resist corrosion and weather elements. 

Number of Terminals

Another critical factor in choosing best audio capacitor for car is the number of terminals. The terminals are used to send power to the amp. Typically, the small but standard capacitors come with a couple of terminals. On the other hand, the larger capacitors have more than two terminals. So, all the equipment of the audio system gets enough power from the capacitors through the terminals. However, some capacitors offer extra terminal ports for a distribution block along with easy but firm installation.

Ease of Charging and Installation

Charging is another prominent factor to choose the best audio capacitors. It’s not a wise decision to invest money on some capacitors those take a too long time to get charged. Also, consider the capacitor how easily it can connect with the car audio system. You may not be an experienced audiophile to install the capacitor. So, you have to call upon an engineer to install to a capacitor which charges extra bucks. So, get the capacitor that comes with easy and hassle-free installation.

LED Voltage Display

The voltage meter is the primary component of the capacitors. It is located on the top of the machine. The latest capacitors come with LED display to make you know the charge of the capacitors for all the time. So, by knowing the current level of the capacitors, you understand when the capacitor should be charged. Also, the LED voltage display offers more information about the capacitor, along with the current voltage. It also abstains you from buying an unnecessary voltmeter to measure the charge.


The most crucial part of choosing the best budget capacitor is the price. All the capacitors come with a competitive price with different quality. So, consider car audio capacitor that matches your whole audio setup. Also, scrutinize the features and other elements as it can last a long time. The capacitor is a one-time investment. So, buy such device that can be handy in the future. Don’t fall in a trap to the lucrative but fragile electronics. Though it’s a tiny device, it can enhance the elegance of your expensive car. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What's the Difference Between Batteries and Capacitors?

Answer: At first, it is said that a battery and a capacitor are not the same. Both of them have many differences from design to function. Though both of them store electric power, the way they perform the function is quite different.

Whereas battery stores electric energy in chemical form, a capacitor stores the power in the electrical field. Hence, a battery requires higher density but capacitor stores the same amount of energy in a smaller space.

Also, when the energy is released, it is quite fast for the capacitors. So, car audio requires capacitors for ensuring sufficient power supply. But, a battery is a winner in terms of cost.

Question: Which size of capacitors is dangerous for a human being?

Answer: the capacitor is not as dangerous as to kill you. But, it can harm you by storing voltage. As human skin is variable to the voltage, the danger level also varies for man to man. However, a standard and safe voltage range are measured that can save you from severe damage.

For DC voltage, up to 80 volts and even 10 Kilo Joules are not dangerous. 100 to 400 volts range with up to 100 joules are still considered safe to the human being.

On the contrary, for AC voltage, even for 1 to 10 Joules can be dangerous. Also, 400 volts and 125 Micro Farad can be hazardous, whereas 1250 microFarad may result in death. 

However, the standard capacitors are out of danger and safe for use to all people.

Question: Can we call a mobile power bank a capacitor?

Answer: Unanimously, a mobile power bank isn’t a capacitor. It is a rechargeable battery that stores electric energy. Usually, a lithium-ion battery stores energy in the mobile power bank. It comes with both buck or boost mode. In Buck mode, 7.4 to 8.7v battery is used to supply up to 5V DC for charging. On the other hand, in the Boost Mode 3.7V-4.2V battery is used to convert 5V DC for charging.

So, Mobile power bank is not a charger instead of a battery.

Question: Which capacitor has the highest capacitance?

Answer: It is thought that supercapacitors have the highest capacitance ever. However, it’s the wrong idea, after all. The capacitance depends on the capacitance density. The less the density, the more the capacitance.

Electrolytic capacitors have the lesser capacitance density than the supercapacitors. So, they have the highest capacitance than supercapacitors.

Question: Why can't we use big capacitors instead of batteries?

Answer: Though capacitors release electrical energy faster than batteries, they can’t be used in all spheres of life. Capacitors come with several properties. They store electrical power as electrical energy whereas batteries store electrical power as chemical energy. So, batteries can’t instant convert chemical energy into electrical power when it is needed. On the contrary, capacitors release electrical energy within seconds as they needn’t convert anymore.

Also, capacitors can’t too much energy like the batteries store. Though the latest ultracapacitors or supercapacitors can store a similar amount of energy as batteries do, the manufacturing cost is even 12 to 20 times than batteries.

Final Words

A car capacitor is an inexpensive electronic tool that helps a lot in the smooth power supply. So, when you find that your car audio system is struggling in producing natural sound, you may need a capacitor. Notably, it happens when the audio system hits for low notes. However, you must know the requirements of the system. 

Always use a brandable model in an electronic system as a silly mistake can damage the whole system. Here, the brands stay on the top quality and customer satisfaction. So, choose the affordable one from the above lists as all of them are from renowned brands and practically experimented. Get yourself the best car capacitor and go a long way to help your audio enhancement. 

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